Rafael Bonachela - Dance


What’s not to love about Dance? It’s such an honest, such a pure art form - such a physical but also an emotional expression. Dance is creativity. It’s not just a physical activity; there is a lot of creativity and artistry that comes with dance. The discipline, not just the physical but mental – that together with creativity – that’s a package that I think is unique.

Rafael Bonachela was born in Barcelona where he began his early dance training. He moved to London and in 1992 joined the legendary Rambert Dance Company. He remained as a dancer and Associate Choreographer until 2006 at which time he successfully established the Bonachela Dance Company to concentrate on his choreographic career. During his years based in London, he received choreographic commissions from companies around the world as his reputation of creating dynamic and innovative work developed and grew.

In 2008 Rafael Bonachela premiered his first full-length production for the Sydney Dance Company, a commissioned production entitled 360°. He was soon after appointed Artistic Director. His vision for the Company has seen the repertoire grow with the addition of commissioned dance works from Australian and international guest choreographers. The premiere works are often programed alongside Rafael’s own creations, ensuring diversity for audiences and providing much sought after opportunities for the ensemble of dancers to be exposed to the work of some of the most in-demand choreographers.

Rafael Bonachela’s work is recognised internationally and he has not only worked with contemporary dance at the highest level but also with artists from popular culture such as Kylie Minogue and Tina Turner.